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Entry #4

Found lots of old Projects

2010-05-31 07:25:07 by Sp1r1T

So I've uploaded them on here, the latest 4 tracks.

I know they're not very good, they're 3 years + old so yeah.

I don't make this stuff anymore :P


I submit to now, but it's not trance anymore, I mainly produce Drum & Bass and some house.

Thanks :)


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2010-05-31 15:19:40

bad spirit, bad!


2010-05-31 17:47:03

All your base belong to us!!!


2010-06-05 20:44:47

Actually I think you uploaded those before, or some of them :P.
I already had Memories and UKHC, but I didn't have Forever (might not have downloaded it before if you had it up?) or the full version of Protector (pretty sure you never put that up before).
Yay ^_^ Do this more often :D

Sp1r1T responds:

Lololol thanks!


2010-06-05 22:29:21

I just noticed, I think something got messed up in the Forever file, because at 0:35 or so it stops, and you have to skip ahead a few seconds to make it keep going (and in iTunes it skips that part but it sounds bad) :/.

Sp1r1T responds:

Ahhh, I'm sorry about that, loads of older stuff got corrupted so that's probably why.

I can't go back and edit it now though, I don't have the project files. I don't do trance anymore.



2010-09-10 09:42:39

Sp1r1t!!! I've remixed your chicken wing song!!!


2011-06-16 00:36:56

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